WordPress Hosting for Enterprises

Deploy your mission-critical WordPress on our fully redundant, high performance cloud platform and benefit from its high reliability, security and enterprise feature set.

High Availability

We have duplicated critical components like Load Balancers to keep your website always online.

Private Cluster

Your WordPress will be running on the clustered environment.

Secure Infrastructure

We take security seriously, and your website will be safe under our umbrella. If you have any concerns, contact for details.

Git-based Workflow

We use git for the keeping your WordPress under version control and deployments.

Dedicated Support

You will get fastest response when needed. We also offer scheduled support time before making critical decision or making big shifts.

Dedicated Staging Environment

Test changes before deploying production and make confident deployments.

Network map for Enterprise

We offer a low latency worldwide network, enabling you to deploy your service infrastructure in close proximity to your customer base.

Starting at $999 per month.

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