Scope of Services

Here is the detail about what we do and don’t

We do;

  • Host your website
  • Configure DNS
  • Configure SSL
  • Setup CDN
  • Backup your website
  • Recover a hacked site
  • Clean up malware and spam
  • Configure a plugin
  • Fix issues after a WordPress core update
  • Improve your site security
  • Improve your site speed
  • Install a plugin
  • Create a child theme
  • Fix the white screen of death
  • Optimize images
  • CSS Tweaking
  • Update a plugin
  • Update a theme
  • Upgrade WordPress core
  • Recommend a plugin

We don’t;

(shortly anything that requires custom work)

  • Content editing
  • Adding custom functionality to a plugin
  • Adding individual products for WooCommerce
  • Boost page ranks
  • Build a new site
  • Configure a new theme
  • Create a Google Plus business listing
  • Create a custom plugin
  • Create images
  • Make your site responsive
  • Paid marketing
  • Remove theme customizations
  • SEO
  • Transfer a non-WP site to WordPress
  • Update a highly customized theme
  • Udate customized WooCommerce
  • Setup email accounts

If you don’t see your task listed here, contact us to ask if we can help you with your problem.

Get peace of mind! We take care of hosting, support, and maintenance for your WordPress.