Security Audits

Bulletproof WordPress Security

Core Integration

We perform checksum control the find and clean infected files.

Database Exploit Scan

Scan your database for anything suspicious.

Authentication Keys + Salts

Better encryption for the user cookies.

Web Application Firewall

(Optional) WAF is one of the best ways to keep suspicious traffic away from your site.

Brute Force Protection

(On-demand) We mitigate brute force attacks if they occur.

Two Factor Authentication

(Optional) Users for whom it is enabled will require a one-time code in order to log in.

Hacked website? No worries!

We keep your website secure after migrating out of the platform. However, if your website has been hacked before, we charge $299 for the clean-up process. It’s a one-time payment.

Get peace of mind! We take care of hosting, support, and maintenance for your WordPress.