Fixing Site Kit Error: Bad Request – missing parameter: ‘code’

If you are experiencing Error: Bad Request – missing parameter: ‘code’ while setup the google site kit plugin. This post might help you to fix the problem. We are going to cover how to troubleshoot the error and share a few potential solutions.


First of all, if you are using a brave browser, disable the “auto-redirect” AMP pages option under Shields. This worked for me when having the problem.

If you are not using brave but have extensions that basically does the same thing and redirects non-amp URL, I recommend disabling the extension while setup google site kit. Or alternatively, you can setup with another browser.

If the problem persists, you can reset the Site Kit and setup from scratch, it could do the trick.

Feel free to add comment if you are having such a problem. Or we can help you to resolve such problems with WPHandle maintenance plans.

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