Improved Email Deliverability

Email delivery is one of the chronic problems for most WordPress setups. WordPress uses PHP by default to send emails, and usually, those emails land in junk/spam boxes.

We realized that email delivery is critical for small businesses, especially when a customer tries to reach you via the contact form and you don’t even get a notice about the message, you may lose a customer.

At WP Handle we are always thinking of ways to improve the service we provide to our clients. Knowing this is a common problem, especially on  WordPress websites, we took some extra steps to improve email delivery for all WP Handle customers. We’ve started to use Mailgun‘s service. Mailgun allows us to send large amounts of emails with high deliverability. Also, it has a convenient dashboard for us to manage multiple domains.

We recommend to check your spam box and use a contact form that keeps form submissions on your WordPress end so you can check them from your dashboard and avoid potentially losing emails coming from contact forms. Ninja Forms is doing a great job at that.

Are you having an email delivery problem on your WordPress website? Become a WP Handle member today and let us handle these problems for you. Alternatively, you can read step by step guides found on Google 😉

Currently, we don’t charge up to 10k email/month for each website, which is good enough for most websites. If you need a larger volume, we recommend to create your own account on Mailgun or any other transactional email service provider and we will help with the integration.

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